New generation of carbon nanocomposite proton exchange membranes in microbial fuel cell systems

Research Area: Chemistry Year: 2012
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Carbon nanocomposite, Coulombic efficiency, Microbial fuel cell, Power density, Proton exchange membrane
Authors: Ghasemi, Mostafa; Shahgaldi, Samaneh; Ismail, Manal; Yaakob, Zahira; Daud, Wan Ramli Wan
Journal: Chemical Engineering Journal Volume: 184
Pages: 82-89
Month: March
ISSN: 1385-8947
In this study, self-made carbon nanofiber (CNF)/Nafion and activated carbon nanofiber (ACNF)/Nafion nanocomposite membranes are fabricated and tested in a microbial fuel cell. The data are compared with Nafion 117 as a common membrane in MFCs and Nafion 112. The electrospinning method was used for the production of CNFs. This method is chosen because it is simple, highly cost effective, and the most prolific method of all that could be used to produce CNF. Nanocomposite membranes are used because they had higher production power and coulombic efficiency (CE) than Nafion 117 and Nafion 112 in MFC systems. The results reveal that the system is operated by the ACNF/Nafion membrane produce the highest voltage of 57.64 mW m−2, while Nafion 112 produces the lowest power density (13.99 mW m−2).
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