Curriculum vitae

Mostafa Ghasemi BaboliMostafa Ghasemi

Birthday: 24 Nov 1985

Race and Nationality: Persian, Iran


    • Ph.D:Chemical Engineering, Fuel cell Institute, National University of Malaysia (UKM); Malaysia, 2009-2012
    • MSc: Chemical Engineering, University of Mazandaran (UMZ); Iran, 2006-2008
    • BSc: Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum University of Technology (PUT); Iran, 2002-2006

 Academic experience

    1. Tutor of Transport phenomena at UKM 2010-2012
    2. Graduate research assistant of UKM 2009-2012
    3. Tutor and Graduate research assistant at University of Mazandaran 2006-2008

Research interest

    1. Fuel Cell and Wastewater Treatment
    2. Nanocomposites electrode in Microbial fuel cell for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR)
    3. Design of tubular MFCs for producing higher power output
    4. Fabrication and applying of polymeric membranes for desalination of brackish water
    5. Oil & Gas, Reservoir engineering, Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
    6. Biosorption of toxic metals
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