My Mission

My missionalt

  • Development of commercial and Environmental friendly MFCs.
  • Microbial fuel cell for desalination (Microbial desalination cell)
  • Combined Wastewater Treatment and Power Generation (CWTP) Using High Power Density Microbial Fuel Cell
  • Contribution to academic society and industries.

Ongoing research

  • Effect of biofouling on performance of MFC
  • Fabrication of macrocylcic composites and nanocomposites as cathode catalyst for ORR
  • Studying on POME as biocatalyst in MFC

Background and Tools

  • Energy and Environment
  • Membrane fabrication and characterization
  • Anaerobic Microbial Activity
  • Catalytic activity and kinetics
  • Potentiostat &cyclic voltammetry for characterization of catalysts and impedance for internal resistance of the system.
  • Biochemical Engineering
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